When Tennessee was Here to Fly

In a land far away, there lived a man that was known as the skywayman. This man, known as a little man who didn’t like to do much with his free time, used to go around skipping and jumping through the airport and wouldn’t look anyone in the eyes. When he would come through security, he would frequently sneak guns and ammo through. Once he made it through the gate, he would rip off his outer close where no one could see him, and then he would sneak onto a plane dressed as an airplane pilot. This sounds very far-fetched, but this is as true as could possibly be. Now, I know what you are thinking that this can’t be, but if you go back into the annuls at the library of congress, you’ll see the true history. He preferred to fly southwest, but would frequently rack up skyway miles on different airlines made of solid gold.

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